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Under-investing in
education and infrastructure?
Encouraging short-term,
quarter-by-quarter decisions?
Ignore climate change
and other environmental threats?

Must Government Stand in the Way of a Sustainable Economy that Works for Everyone?

  • Under-investing in education and infrastructure?
  • Ignoring climate change and other environmental threats?
  • Encouraging short-term, quarter-by-quarter decisions?

We don’t think so. We believe a healthy planet, engaged employees and prosperous consumers are essential for good business, and for a strong society. Government policy needs to change to reflect this triple bottom line.


The decks are stacked against triple bottom line businesses.

The political system is largely controlled by companies that don’t believe in the triple bottom line.

Companies harming the planet have us backed into a corner.

Fossil fuel, Big Pharma, Wall Street, and other industries have shaped government policy to sustain their power and profitability while threating future generations.

Individually, we’re powerless to change this. But together, we can win.

ASBC leads sustainable policy change and advocacy for over 250,000 companies. Our members represent many industries, many regions, and many points of view.

Our members band together to make a difference.

Don’t take our word for it… See who’s already on our team.

  • You
  • Jostein Solheim

    Jostein Solheim
    CEO, Ben & Jerry’s

  • Eileen Fisher

    Eileen Fisher
    Founder and Chairwoman,
    Eileen Fisher, Inc.

  • Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks

    Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks
    CEO, Earth Friendly Products

  • Jim Osgood

    Jim Osgood
    CEO and President, Klean Kanteen

  • Nikhil and Alejandro

    Nikhil Arora & Alejandro Velez
    Back to the Roots

  • Jeffrey Hollender

    Jeffrey Hollender
    Co-founder and former CEO,
    Seventh Generation

Let’s redefine “business as usual.”

If you’re discouraged by…

Laws and regulations that inhibit responsible business practices

Lack of time, resources, or access to lawmakers and regulators

Your voice becoming lost in a sea of “business as usual”

You are not alone. Your team is here, and we’re waiting for you to add your voice.

Together, we can change policy to support a vibrant economy for future generations.

  • Blocked Progress

    Laws and regulations that block your business’s progress.

  • Limited Time

    Never having the time, resources or access to put up a fight.

  • Can’t be heard

    Your voice becoming lost in the crowd.


It’s time to take your seat at the table.

You need a team that fights for your interests.

A network of like-minded businesses that are on your side.

Advisors to help you formulate your message.

Access to political and industry professionals on the front lines of change.

Support for the challenges your business faces every day.

The obstacles to responsible business will transform into opportunities for change.

Your voice matters.

We’re not just another association, and you’re not just another business owner.

You have a uniquely credible voice in the political process. As a business owner, you are respected by Democrats and Republicans alike, and your counsel is welcome.

We’re a team you can count on to elevate your business voice and have your back.

By joining ASBC, you become part of the global sustainability movement on a manageable scale.

Sustainable business matters – and it matters to your customers, clients, and employees as much as it matters to you.

Our mission is to empower and mobilize triple bottom line business leaders to create policy change in support of an economy that works for all.

We believe in the triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit. It’s possible to grow all three. In fact, it’s the only way to build a business, an economy, and a nation that lasts.

  • With an established network behind you, there won’t be any more fighting alone.

  • You’ll be making a measurable difference in creating government policy that supports sustainable business.

  • Your customers and employees will see you as positive force for change, transforming them into your fans and advocates.

Jeffrey Hollender about ASBC

“The American Sustainable Business Council is the most important and exciting new initiative I’ve been involved with since I started Seventh Generation over 21 years ago.

For America to once again become a land of justice and equity, hope, and possibility, progressive and responsible business needs a seat at the table as policy is shaped, rules are written and priorities set.”

Jeffrey HollenderCo-founder and former CEO, Seventh Generation
Kim Jordan about ASBC

“As the cofounder of one of America’s largest craft beer breweries, I’m passionate about clean water and engaged coworkers. We are proud to stand with the American Sustainable Business Council, leading the charge to empower companies like ours to protect what matters most. Without their skillful advocacy, it would be much harder to do the right thing.

Together we have made real progress and we can continue to change government policy to foster a healthy and fair economy that will sustain future generations. We invite you and your business to join this courageous movement.”

Kim JordanCo-founder and CEO, New Belgium Brewing

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